Larry Gard

In the photograph above, Larry Gard and Kim Jones-Clark are in Douglas Jones' script Genius In the Attic, which was commissioned by the Carpenter Science Theatre in 2007.  The one-act play is 50 minutes in length, and the original inspiration for the piece came from Summer Schultz, who at the time was the producer of CST productions.  While Gard portrayed Alexander Graham Bell. , Kim Jones-Clark portrayed 13 characters, both male and female.

Services Available

1.  In Richmond, Virginia, I offer acting lessons to serious students.  To inquire, please call 804.243.8900

2.  Wherever requested, I can provide consultation regarding the application of live theatre in museum settings, including budgeting, script development, production requirements, performance staffing/expectations/scheduling, and evaluation.  In addition, I can help you establish an in-house live theatre company.

3. Wherever requested, I am occasionally available to write scripts under commission.


On the right, Kimberly Jones-Clark is Psyche Zenobia and Larry Gard is Edgar Alan Poe in Gard's original script "Poe: Secrets of a Spirit," produced by the Carpenter Science Theatre in 2014.





1.  Serving as co-founder and associate artistic director of the Sailor-Ribblett Playwright's Theatre in northern Indiana.

2.  Researching and writing a one-man script about J. Robert Oppenheimer.

3.  Re-writing a stage adaptation of "The Reluctant Dragon."

4.  Ongoing photography projects.

Updated on December 13, 2018


In the photograph below, Larry  portrays Frank Lloyd Wright in the one-man show he wrote for the Carpenter Science Theatre Company:  The Structure of Inspiration.  This show was produced at the Science Museum of Virginia in 2013, and also toured to the West Lafayette Public Library in Indiana, thanks to arrangements made by Larry's good friend and colleague, playwright Rita Kohn.

In the photograph above, Larry Gard and his wife Marcia Quick perform the one-act play The Universal Language by David Ives at the Science Museum of Virginia in 2001. 

In the photograph above, Grant Mudge (sitting) portrays William Shakespeare and Larry Gard portrays Galileo in Shakespeare and Galileo, commissioned by the Carpenter Science Theatre in 2004.  Grant Mudge, who was Artistic Director of Richmond Shakespeare from 1997 until 2012, wrote the script, which has been one of the most popular shows that the Carpenter Science Theatre has offered.  It was sponsered for touring for 2 years by the Virginia Commission for the Arts, and was subsequently performed throughout Virginia.  Grant Mudge is currently producing artistic director of Shakespeare at Notre Dame.